Okay, we’re the first to admit that this winter has been a bit odd thus far, with heavy snowstorms one day and springlike temperatures the next. But the fact remains that there are many more cold spells expected between now and April than warm ones.

And while there’s certainly many more fun and exciting things to do at the Delaware beaches during the warm weather season, that’s not to say there’s nothing to do this time of year.

It’s just that you need to consider different things to keep you busy, or at least things you might not always plan on during the summer months.

Certainly you’re not going to pack the kids in the car and head for a memorable day at FunLand on the Rehoboth Boardwalk. You’re not going to jump in the ocean (well, except maybe during the Polar Bear Plunge – see below) and you probably won’t be doing any parasailing or jet skiing either.

But, it’s also not a time to just lay on your couch underneath a heavy blanket, while sipping a cup of hot cocoa. Okay, granted that doesn’t sound all that bad either.

But the area still boasts many great things to see and do, even when Old Man Winter is wreaking havoc on our mercury readings. And we’re going to give you a few of our favorite options below.

So here is another installment in our “Top Ten” series, this one focusing on things to do during the winter months in coastal Delaware.

Take a look…

#10. Go Bowling

A few months ago, this probably wouldn’t have made our list. But with the opening of Lefty’s Alley and Eats in Rehoboth, there are now enough choices in southern Delaware to make this a viable wintertime option again.

Not that long ago, there were many more bowling alleys than there are today, but with the one in Midway closing several years ago, as well as both establishments in Seaford, it was a bit of a dying form of entertainment. But now Lefty’s has arrived, giving us four alleys at which to enjoy a fun wintertime day with the kids.

Click on any of the links below for more information on each site, including hours, prices and more. You can also read our writeup on Lefty’s HERE.

Lefty’s Alley and Eats. Photo of Lefty's below is from the Rehoboth Foodie.

Millsboro Bowling Lanes

Milford Bowling Lanes

Bryan’s Bowling Center

#9. Take in a “Coastal Concert”

Hosted by Bethel United Methodist Church since 1999, this series of classical music concerts is a great wintertime option. Concerts for the 2017 winter season will be held on Jan. 21, Feb. 11, March 18, and April 29, all at Bethel’s Fellowship Hall on Fourth Street in downtown Lewes.

Tickets cost $30 each, with a $10 discount for all active and retired military personnel. Children between the ages of 10 and 18 are admitted free, with an accompanying adult. Visit www.coastalconcerts.org for more information.

#8. Explore the Delaware History Trail

Why not hop in your car and enjoy some of Delaware’s great historical sites during the winter season? With a past dating back nearly 400 years, there are certainly plenty of great things to see and experience here in the First State.

Stops in Sussex County include Fort Miles, the Rehoboth Beach Museum, the Milton Museum, the “Governor’s Walk,” the Lewes Historic District and the Indian River Life-Saving Station, among others.

Visit www.visitdelaware.com/delaware-history-trail for more information and sample itineraries, not only for Sussex County, but for the entire state.

#7. See A Show

We have a few local theater groups in southern Delaware that do a really nice job in the performing arts. There’s some real talent in our area, and we have three of the best small town theaters you'll find anywhere in the country.

And the winter months are a great time to enjoy some of these fantastic performances, be it in Rehoboth Beach, in Milford or in Georgetown. And don’t forget to check out the Milton Theater as well, as they often have shows and performances of their own.

But here are the links for Sussex County’s three main local theaters. They’re all great and provide a fantastic night out with your someone special.

Plan on seeing a show today! You won’t be disappointed.

ClearSpace Theater

Second Street Players

Possum Point Players

#6. Visit a Local Museum

This is always a great option and one that we’ve written about in the past. Check out our previous post on some of southern Delaware’s greatest museums HERE.

During the winter months is a fantastic time to get out and really explore some of these great sites, while learning a good deal about the history of Sussex County in the process.

There are really too many to possibly name them all, but we’ve included links to a few of our favorites below:

Rehoboth Beach Museum

Zwaanendael Museum

Nanticoke Indian Museum

DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum

Seaford Museum

#5. Take a Walking Tour of Lewes

Run by the Lewes Historical Society, these tours of Lewes are led by an informative guide and include many of the “First Town in the First State’s” most notable attractions, including the Cannonball House, the Lewes Life-Saving Station, the Lewes Historical Society complex and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

We can personally attest to the fantastic nature of these tours, where you’ll hear many stories you probably won’t hear anywhere else. The tours include very knowledgeable guides and provide for a very enjoyable experience.

We’ve included the link below for more information.

Walking Tours of Lewes

#4. The Polar Bear Plunge

Ah, the Polar Bear Plunge, that special day when hundreds of people from throughout the First State descend on Rehoboth Beach and run willy-nilly into the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’ve never been to this wild and wacky coastal Delaware tradition, then we definitely recommend coming to Rehoboth on Sunday, Feb. 5, and witnessing all of the craziness first hand.

In addition to the actual Plunge, which really only takes a minute or two, you’ll see groups dressed up in crazy outfits, hear stories of past events and gain a story you’ll be able to share for many years to come.

And if you didn’t know, all proceeds benefit Special Olympics Delaware. So it’s definitely for a good cause. Learn more below.

2017 Polar Bear Plunge

See some of the craziness from the 2014 Plunge via the video below

#3. Go Out to Eat

If you’ve read any of our past blog entries, then you know that this is truly one of our favorite things about Rehoboth Beach, no matter the time of year. But during the winter months, you can do so without the big crowds and without having to wait for a table.

There are so many great locally owned and operated restaurants in Sussex County that we won’t attempt to name even a few of them here, for fear of upsetting some of our favorites that would surely be left out.

But no matter where you live in southern Delaware, there are great local eateries that are owned and operated by chefs who are actually in the kitchen preparing the food.

So do a search online, pick a few that look interesting and enjoy! Or if you already have your favorites, this is a great time of year to pay them a visit.

#2. Enjoy a Spa Day

What better time to enjoy a little pampering than during the winter months, when you really want to be inside and toasty warm anyway, right?

Southern Delaware has several great spas where you’ll be treated like royalty, and we urge you to seek them out. Again, there are so many that naming just a few would simply be unfair to the ones that we didn’t mention.

But do a Google search for “Coastal Delaware Spas” and you’ll come up with several options, none of which are bad.

So get out there and let the pampering begin!

#1. Take a Walk on the Beach

Who doesn’t love a walk on the beach, right? And we certainly have plenty to choose from, with 26 miles of fantastic Atlantic coastline here in southern Delaware.

But the advantage of taking a walk on the sandy shores during the winter months is obvious – you can pretty much have the beach to yourself.

There may be a few people out and about, but you’re certainly not going to experience any large crowds like you will between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Our beaches are extremely popular with hundreds of thousands of people and we certainly welcome them to coastal Delaware during the tourist season. But right now is the time of year for you, your children and your pets to get outside and enjoy the serenity of the coastline.

You may even run into one of us while doing so.

Photo above is from Rehoboth Beach Fever