What's my Delaware Home Worth?

We have partnered with Top Producer to create a new free website that is connected to the Delaware MLS to show you a personalized report that charts market activity, current and up-to-the-minute, with homes in your area, including such data as sold homes, properties for sale, inventory counts and even days-on-market.

Market Snapshot

That way you can see what is happening in the market without having to speak to an agent and find out your Delaware Home Value. Of course, we'd love to talk to you, but we respect that sometimes people like to do their own research prior to listing or buying a new home.

Your report is personalized: it charts market activity-- current up-to-the-minute --with homes in your area, including such data as sold homes, properties for sale, inventory counts and even days-on-market.

There are many 'intangibles' behind this data, such as whether homes were fixed up or not, special amenities and the like. As Delaware Real Estate Agents, we have the local market expertise to help you interpret this information fully.

A Delaware Market Snapshot is a real-time Delaware MLS market update and trend analysis overview. It provides the most current sold data, active listings, inventory, and days on market counts – information that is unavailable on any other similar website. This information is sent automatically to customers: when customers request information on the value of their property, Delaware Market Snapshot emails both customers and agents a one-click link to the Market Snapshot.

The setup of Market Snapshot is simple, it updates to the Market Snapshot are automatically created and sent out for you. In addition, it gives you up-to-the-minute MLS graphical information.

Other market-evaluation services provide generalized evaluations of average homes. This is only one of the many pieces of information customers need to make good decisions to determine their Delaware Home Value Market Snapshot improves on this by including additional key information, such as:

1. graphical analysis of important market trends

2. volume comparisons of recent sales and new listings

3. percentage comparisons of asking price to selling price for recent sales, and

4. average, median, and high/low prices for homes that have recently sold or that are currently for sale

The Asking and Sold Prices tab displays graphs and tables that chart trends in housing prices. The top graph is Asking Prices and Sold Prices, or in other words, a Price Trend chart. This gives the consumer a general idea of whether prices are rising, falling or staying stable for similar properties in his or her area, and what are the extremes in the price ranges. You can easily see when expensive homes come on and go off the market.

If you select a sold property on the map or in the listing under the map, a red pin will be displayed on the chart to indicate the red dot that is for that property. If you select an active property, a blue line will appear to show the listing price of the property.