Regionally renowned chef Hari Cameron often views the ingredients he chooses for his culinary masterpieces in multiple dimensions. The way the peppers and the tomatoes burst with tantalizing flavor, or the freshest of the fresh seafood practically leaps off of the plate, or the way the spices make the food come alive in vibrant and instantly appealing bursts of taste and excitement.

It’s the personally invigorating way Hari looks at his food, the intimacy he has with the ingredients that comprise his signature dishes at Rehoboth Beach’s a(MUSE) restaurant.

“In fact, each dish I create has an inspiration, which is the muse behind it,” says Cameron, now one of coastal Delaware’s most well-known and beloved local chefs. “Our menu is a constant evolution throughout the year and I get really excited about that.”

And lest you doubt Cameron’s commitment to, and love for, the locally grown and produced ingredients he uses in his mouth-watering creations, all he has to do is roll up the sleeves of his chef’s jacket.

There, on his arm, you’ll find many tattoos – there are radishes, and peppers, and potatoes, and corn, and eggplant, and tomatoes, and mushrooms and…well you get the idea. The man has a love affair with food!

And that excitement has rubbed off on all of us here at the Oldfather Group! Hari and his “multi-dimensional” way of looking at food and cooking inspired us to do a 3-D tour of his beloved Baltimore Avenue restaurant, which you can view by clicking on the screen shot below, or by clicking HERE.

Open since Mother’s Day Weekend in 2012, a(MUSE) offers a comfortable bar, a cozy main seating area and, when the weather is warm, 23 seats outside. There’s a Happy Hour from 4 to 6, and drink and food specials throughout the year.


A(MUSE) is located on the west end of eclectic Baltimore Avenue, which also features other local restaurants, the CAMP Rehoboth Community Resource Center, the Clear Space Theater and a wide selection of other stores, shops and restaurants.

A block or so to the east of a(MUSE), near the locally famous Blue Moon Restaurant, is Cameron’s other creation Grandpa (Mac), a casual restaurant he opened up last summer (a second location is opening in 2016 on Route 1).

Now with two restaurants, Cameron is helping solidify Rehoboth Beach’s reputation as a culinary destination in the mid-Atlantic.

“We are really blessed in Rehoboth to have so many great places to eat. On our block alone, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a really great restaurant,” he says. “And in the summertime, there are enough people in town where we don’t have to engage in cutthroat competition. We want everyone to thrive; we want to be known as a great culinary destination.”

We invite everyone to stop in and see Hari at a(MUSE), located at 44 Baltimore Avenue. You can also view the restaurant, and the menu items, by visiting

And stop in to a(MUSE) the next chance you get. Your taste buds will thank you!